What hyperfantasic brains are like


The human mind is extremely complex, with imagination being one of its most intriguing elements. Some people have the capacity or ability to imagine more intensely than normal. These people are known as hyperfantastics because their brain operates in a fascinating and unique way.

In the next article we are going to talk in more detail about hyperfantasy and of how the hyperfantasic brain works.

What is hyperfantasy?

Hyperfantasy refers to the ability to create mental images in a clear and detailed manner. While normal people can visualize things in their minds, hyperfantasists can form mental scenes so vivid that they resemble the real thing. They can see bright colors, fully defined shapes and precise movements in their mind, and they can also experience sounds and smells with a fairly high degree of realism.

Hyperfantasy is the opposite of aphantasia, a condition in which a person is unable to form mental images. Within two extremes, there are different types of imaginative capacities. Hyperfantastics are at the highest end, with an imagination so great that it can overcome the border marked between the real and the imaginary.

What characteristics will hyperfantasic brains have?

The hyperfantasic brain has a series of characteristics that will differentiate it from the normal brain. Below we show you some of the characteristics of hyperfantasic brains:

Vivid and clear scenes

Hyperfantasy brains can visualize scenes with great clarity and unusual precision. They can imagine landscapes With every little detail. This will include colors, shapes, textures and movements. For this type of brain, mental images are completely clear and precise.

Multisensory experience

Hyperfantasy is not only limited to the visual aspect, since other senses can be experienced in terms of imagination. In this way, this type of brain can "hear" sounds and "smell" aromas through imagination. It is about of a multisensory experience quite large and powerful in all aspects.

Memories with many details

Hyperfantastical brains are also characterized by having more vivid and accurate memories than normal. They can remember events that occurred in the past very clearly, as if they were happening again. This can be problematic if the past memories were traumatic.

Greater creativity

This type of brain can enhance the creativity of the person in question. The ability to form complex and deep scenarios enhances creative fields. as is the case of music or literature.


What implications do hyperphantasic brains have in day-to-day life?

Hyperfantasy is going to have an important and direct impact in daily life of those people who experience it. Next we talk about the most common implications in daily life:


Hyperfantasy is a real gift for people who are creative and experience this kind of imagination. Hyperfantastics usually stand out in creative and artistic fields such as painting or music. The ability they have to imagine fairly clear and detailed scenarios allows them to create artistic works of great quality.

Emotional problems

Hyperfantasy can represent real emotional challenges for those who experience it. Hyperfantasists tend to have such intense and powerful imaginations that it can be difficult to separate the imaginary of what is real. This can lead to strong episodes of anxiety combined with sleep disorders. Furthermore, the problem can be aggravated if memories from the past have been traumatic.

Lucid dreaming

Hyperfantasists can have lucid dreams, where they are totally aware of what they are dreaming, and in some cases they can reach to control your own sleep. This can be somewhat disconcerting, especially if you are not used to having such an experience with dreams.

Great emotional connection

Hyperfantastics tend to be empathetic people with a great connection on an emotional level. Their great ability to imagine means they can connect emotionally with other people. This is something that is quite positive when relating to others.


Benefits of hyperfantasic brains

People who have what are known as fantasy brains are going to have a number of benefits What are we going to see next:

  • Having this type or class of brains is beneficial when it comes to finding solutions to daily problems. Being able to view different detailed scenarios without any problem will allow come up with creative solutions facing complicated and complex problems.
  • Hyperfantasy is very beneficial in the world of creativity. Hyperfantasic brains allow us to create works of art or literature of great quality and richness. Imagination is so great that it can lead to creating new forms of artistic expression.
  • Hyperfantasy brains allow people who experience it to enjoy great empathy. These people can easily put themselves in the shoes of others and understand their emotions. This will allow them to create deep emotional connections and make long-lasting friendships.

In short, the hyperfantasic brain is a unique and fascinating phenomenon that will offer a very particular and extraordinary vision. of the human imagination. People who have hyperfantasy have the ability to visualize mental images with great clarity and many details, something that will allow them to be quite creative as well as very emotional.

However, this ability to have such a vivid and real imagination can also present various emotional challenges for the person experiencing it. However, if you can focus appropriately, people with hyperfantasic brains can take advantage of their ability and capacity to create and innovate in different fields of life.

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