What does it mean to be a demisexual person?


Demisexuality is a somewhat new type of sexual orientation that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Demisexuality refers to the sexual attraction that arises, due to the strong emotional bond what about with another person. Many people do not fully understand this kind of sexual identity, since today there is a priority for immediate sexual attraction.

In the following article we are going to explain to you what it means to be demisexual and the most important characteristics of said sexual orientation.

What does demisexuality consist of?

Demisexuality is a type of sexual orientation whereby a person will only experience sexual attraction to someone with whom they have a strong emotional connection. A person considered demisexual will never feel sexual attraction to others if said connection does not occur. As soon as to the main features Of this type of sexual orientation the following must be noted:

  • Demisexuals will not experiment an immediate sexual attraction. They need to feel a strong emotional connection in order to feel attraction to other people.
  • Although demisexuals are within the asexual spectrum, They are not considered asexual.
  • Sexual attraction will occur later of an emotional bond. This bond can consist of a friendship that grows or a fairly important trust.
  • The type of emotional connection it will vary from one person to another. In some cases a fairly important connection is necessary and in others the requirement is not so great.
  • The relationships of demisexuals They are usually very intense as far as the emotional aspect is concerned.

Differences between demisexuality and asexuality and allosexuality

It must be said that demisexuality is going to be situated halfway between two types of sexual orientations: asexuality and allosexuality. These three terms are different and have their own characteristics:

  • People who are asexual do not experience no type of sexual attraction. They can have romantic and emotional relationships, but sexual attraction is not part of them.
  • Allosexual people experience sexual attraction and they do not need a prior emotional connection to be able to have said attraction. This concept encompasses most of the known sexual orientations, such as heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality.
  • Demisexuals are going to need an emotional connection to be able to experience a certain sexual attraction towards other people.

demisexual types

How to know if you are demisexual

There are a number of fairly clear signs that can indicate that you are a demisexual person:

  • Do not feel any type of sexual attraction to anyone immediately or at first sight.
  • Feel sexual attraction only after knowing a person thoroughly and from there, begin to develop a strong emotional connection.
  • feel different to friends who talk about immediate sexual attraction and not understanding why said attraction occurs.
  • Value much more the deep emotional connection than physical attraction in relationships.

Challenges and myths of demisexuality

As it is a rare type of sexual orientation in society, the person who considers themselves demisexual must face to a series of challenges:

  • Facing social pressure Regarding the issue of immediate sexual attraction, it can be complicated for demisexuals.
  • The lack of knowledge that exists today about demisexuality can lead to to certain misunderstandings about demisexual people.
  • Explain this type of sexual orientation to a potential partner It's not going to be easy or simple at all, especially if the other person is completely unaware of what demisexuality consists of.

In relation to the myths, the following should be noted:

  • The myth that demisexual people are too demanding. Demisexuality is not going to consist in having high standards. It is a sexual orientation that is based on the need for an emotional connection in order to experience a certain sexual attraction towards another person.
  • The majority of society thinks that this type of sexual orientation It is something totally temporary. Demisexuality is not something that will be overcome with the passage of time. It is an intrinsic part that belongs to a person's sexual identity.
  • There is the myth that demisexuals don't really know what they want. The demisexuals they understand their orientation very well and what they need to feel the aforementioned sexual attraction.


Tips to be able to be demisexual in today's society

If you declare yourself as a demisexual person, it is good that you take note of the following advice or recommendations:

  • It is important to show yourself open and honest about one's own orientation from the beginning, in order to avoid certain misunderstandings and to be able to establish realistic expectations in relationships.
  • Being able to find and relate to other demisexual people can be important when it comes to finding some emotional support and understanding.
  • It is advisable to prioritize those relationships that value and cultivate emotional intimacy, since this can lead to creating much more satisfying and meaningful connections in all aspects.
  • In this way, being able to accept one's own demisexual identity is crucial as well as essential. when it comes to feeling good about yourself. This is going to consist of recognizing that there is nothing wrong when it comes to this kind of sexual orientation, since it is something valid as well as legitimate.

In short, demisexuality is a type of sexual orientation in which emotional bonding is essential when feeling sexually attracted to another person. Luckily, this kind of sexual identity it is becoming more and more accepted by a large part of society. Being a demisexual person will mean being able to face a series of challenges in a world that often places primary importance on immediate sexual attraction. Being able to recognize and accept demisexuality as a valid and legitimate orientation is key to having good emotional health and being able to enjoy the long-awaited well-being.

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