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Self Help Resources was a web project originated in 2010 with the intention of promoting information that would help our Internet users in matters of psychology, self improvement and, as the name suggests, provide self-help resources.

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  • Maria Jose Roldan

    Mother, special education teacher, psychopedagogue and passionate about writing and communication. A fan of self-help because helping others for me is vocational. I am always in continuous learning ... making my passion and my hobbies my job. You can visit my personal website to be aware of everything.

  • Susana godoy

    Since I was little I was clear that my thing was to be a teacher. Hence, I have a degree in English Philology, in order to put into practice everything I have learned. Something that can be perfectly combined with my passion for psychology and for continuing to learn more about all kinds of cultural and teaching-related topics, which is my great passion.

  • Encarni Arcoya

    Since I was little I have been quite empathetic and I like to observe people to try to help them in their lifestyle, mood ... Therefore, having some resources that help other people to be happier is always something important. And if they also help us, even more so.