6 easy exercises to vocalize better

Vocalize well for my personal development

Vocalizing well is essential for any area of ​​people's lives. Both in the staff to be able to speak correctly and that they understand you and in the professional, in order to have a successful oratory. So, To make things easy for you, we are going to explain some exercises to help you vocalize better.

In this way, and from your own home, you can perform these exercises so that, with practice and perseverance, you realize that vocalizing does not have to be a problem for you anymore. Take note of these exercises and do those that you feel most comfortable with. You can even practice one one day, another another ... And finally have a wonderful vocalization!

The importance of vocalizing better

Before explaining the exercises for you to learn to vocalize better, we are going to explain why it is so important to do it correctly. It is not only necessary if you are a singer, vocalizing well is always necessary, so others can understand you whenever you speak, sing or say anything!

Good vocalization is about clearly articulating the words you are saying. It is important for anyone, regardless of age or what they do. When you have a good vocalization you will feel great comfort when speaking, You will feel that everyone understands you well because the words come out on their own. It is feeling a certain magic in your diction that allows you to have a good oratory, or in the case that you are a singer, you will feel how the songs now sound better than when you tried to sing them before.

When you know how to vocalize better, you will also realize that the people around you will listen to you with greater interest. If they understand you well, they will be more curious and they will pay more attention to everything you are saying (or singing).

Vocalize better to have a good oratory

Vocalize Better With These Easy Exercises

Once this is known, we are going to explain some exercises to improve your vocalization and that from now on when you speak you will be understood perfectly. Of course, do you remember that daily practice is essential to obtain good results.

Your breathing is key

Your breathing is key in the whole process, that is why it is important that you control your inhalations and exhalations because it will improve your speech quickly. You need to do mindful breathing first. To do this, lie down on the bed and put one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen.

Breathe deeply being aware of each inhalation and exhalation. Notice how your belly and chest rise and fall each time. In this way, by being aware of the breath, at the moment of speaking you will be able to do it correctly.

Breathing games

Taking into account the previous point, it is important that you play certain games daily breathing techniques that are simple and that will help you greatly to improve your vocalization. Some of these games can be:

  • Blow bubbles
  • Blow out candles
  • Sip water
  • Inflate balloons
  • Make different whistling sounds
  • Make different sounds with a harmonica or whistle

Of course, in each of these games, you must be aware of the movements that the air makes as it enters and leaves your body. Remember that what matters most in each case is that you become aware of your breathing.

Speak in front of a mirror

A good exercise is to talk while looking at yourself in the mirror. Make a sound and then repeat it several times. You can even ask someone to help you do this exercise. You can ask someone to pronounce a word that you normally find difficult to say well and then, looking at yourself in the mirror, try to repeat it correctly. Exaggerate mouth movements So that you get used to moving the joints of the mouth in the correct way.

Vocalize better to speak and be understood

Record yourself speaking

Record yourself speaking any topic that interests you, a conference that you have to do, a dialogue that you want to have with someone, a test for a job interview, whatever you want. That it does not last more than 3 minutes.

The idea is that you first record yourself speaking normally as you would normally. Then listen to the audio and try to improve your vocalization and avoid the possible fillers that have come out in the speech.

Then re-record yourself speaking the same speech, trying to pronounce better and exaggerating the vocalization. Listen to the audio again. Finally, you will have to record the speech one last time, speaking and trying to vocalize in a normal way. So you can see the differences between the first audio and the second. To make the exercise easier, you can read a text randomly that does not last more than three minutes to make the recordings.

Put a pencil in your mouth to vocalize better!

It seems a joke, but it is not. It is a very simple but highly effective exercise. You just have to take a pencil and put it in your mouth, clenching your teeth and not letting it fall. Once you have him in this funny position speak and recite a poem, a tongue twister, a joke or whatever you want. It is an extra effort that your mouth muscles have to do to try to pronounce well, something that will serve you in the future with practice and perseverance. Your joint will improve considerably.

Vocalize better for conferences

Gymnastics for the muscles of the lips and tongue

Exercises for the muscles of the lips and tongue are quite fun And if you stand in front of the mirror you may even have some laughs that will brighten your day. This gymnastics consists of:

  • Stick out your tongue to the fullest
  • Try to touch the nose with the tongue
  • Stick out your tongue and move it from side to side
  • Make a basket with your tongue
  • Roll up your tongue and I'd unwind
  • Throw kisses in the air
  • Whistle with your lips only
  • Making exaggerated expressions of emotions with the face
  • Open your mouth a lot and try to speak with your mouth wide open

They seem like nonsense exercises, but the reality of skiing if you do them regularly you will be able to tell the difference and you will see that little by little, you will begin to vocalize much better and your words will be better understood. With the recording exercise you will notice the difference if you save the recording of the first days and you do it again months later. But remember that to vocalize better you have to be constant and do the exercises every day.

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