11 sayings of life

Sayings of life that make us feel good

The sayings of life always accompany us and the best of all, is that they tell us much more than we can imagine. They are sayings that can make you reflect on a certain situation so that you better understand what is happening. They are part of our culture because it is a way of transmitting popular wisdom verbally.

Sayings have been used for hundreds of years, or millennia! They are expressions that are transmitted from parents to children, from grandparents to grandchildren ... from generation to generation. It is an easy way to communicate with our loved ones by delving into important topics without explaining too much.

They are used to transmit practical knowledge about life and learn lessons about certain circumstances and learn from them, acting smart.

Great sayings of life

It is possible that some of the sayings that we are going to tell you already know or that you have ever heard them. It is also possible that you have heard them but are not sure what they mean ... Therefore, let's show you some sayings but we will also explain their meaning so that you can use them in the right context when you need it.

Think about the sayings of life

Knowledge does not take place

It is never too late to learn or too old to get projects. If you propose something in life, be it personally or professionally ... learning is a duty and it never hurts to do so. Rejecting learning prevents growth and have enough tools to move forward in life. Knowledge has unparalleled power.

Practice makes a master

It is true that at first, when a skill is not yet mastered, it seems that it is too difficult. We may even think that we will never be able to do it. Actually, we can achieve anything we set our minds to if we get enough skills to do it (within our personal capacities). It only takes hours of practice and willpower to get there.

Sew and sing, everything is starting

Similar to the previous saying, there are times when people do not dare to do something thinking that it will be too complicated. But when the first step is taken to begin, the most difficult is already overcome. When you start a project, a task or any other activity, we can move forward as long as we are willing to start.

Doing and undoing is learning

No one is born knowing and mistakes are part of life. In this sense, it is normal that when you do something you are wrong, but by going back and starting again you will learn to be better in that skill the next time. Experiences are the teachers of life, and they are accompanied by mistakes ... which are their favorite lessons. Err and start over, essential to move forward.

Talking about life sayings

Like father Like Son

This saying is used a lot in families, when the son resembles the father or the daughter resembles the mother. It is normally used for both positive and negative connotations. But the meaning is the same, that children resemble parents in certain respects.

Not all that glitters is gold.

Something may appear to be a good decision or of good quality. But this saying means that you cannot get carried away by appearances, because on many occasions the disappointment can be very great. You have to be cautious in life in all aspects and not get carried away only by what seems perfect.

It's better to prevent than to cure

This saying is very popular, and it basically focuses on the fact that it is better to be a cautious person than later to regret the consequences of having taken little thoughtful actions. Because, taking precautions is always the best way to avoid further suffering.

Dress me slowly I'm in a hurry

The rush is always bad advisers and companions, because they do not allow us to think clearly and in most cases they can make us make poor decisions that bring us bad consequences.

Therefore, it is better to do things calmly and think clearly before making decisions. In a hurry, important details can be overlooked that later make us lose twice as much time to correct the mistakes made by the rush.

Sharing sayings of life

You are the owner of your silence but the slave of your words

No one can know what you are thinking unless you put it into words. In your mind you can say everything you want ... but the words are heard by others and once they come out of your mouth there is no going back. When a person talks a lot or gossips, there will always be consequences for these recklessness in social relationships. It is better to be discreet, have emotional and verbal control and know that you do not always have to say everything that comes to your mind.

If you harvest winds, you will have storms

This saying means that when a person does wrong and acts against other close people, in the end, they will end up suffering the consequences of it. He will have enemies and will run out of people who trust him in the future. Nobody wants to have someone who causes harm around But if you do, you can take double the damage done.

After the storm comes the calm

Life is not a bed of roses, but nothing lasts forever ... neither bad nor good. When we are facing a situation that seems too problematic or complicated, we must be aware that problems always happen, and moments of peace and tranquility arrive. Although at a certain moment it may seem like something that is very far away, it always comes. It is a matter of waiting for the storm to pass.

What do you think of these 11 sayings of life? It is more than likely that you have ever heard one of them from family or friends. Or you may even have said them at some point in your life. In any case, now we have also provided you with the meanings so you can use them knowing exactly what each of them mean.

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