The 50 best phrases of Friedrich Nietzsche


Friedrich Nietzsche is without a doubt one of the philosophers and thinkers most important and influential of the entire 19th century. The impact of his numerous ideas and thoughts has been observed in fields as diverse as philosophy, art or psychology. The work of this German thinker is quite controversial and is rich in quite deep and complex thoughts that challenge elements of everyday life such as love, religion or morality.

In the following article we are going to show you the 50 most important quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche to help you think and reflect.

The 50 most outstanding phrases of Friedrich Nietzsche

There were many topics that interested this great German philosopher and thinker: from love, to human existence or morality. Thanks to these phrases, Friedrich Nietzsche managed to leave an impressive legacy of thoughts and reflections of all kinds that we are going to see below:

  • "What does not kill me makes me stronger."
  • «The individual has always fought not to be absorbed by the tribe. If you try, you will often be alone, and sometimes scared. But no price is too high for the privilege of being yourself.
  • "There are no facts, only interpretations."
  • "He who has a reason to live can endure almost any how."
  • "Morality is the best of all customs."
  • "Man is something that must be overcome."
  • "He who has a reason to live can face all the hows."
  • "Life is a will to power."
  • "The truth will always be at war with lies, like a soldier with his wounds."
  • "We are not responsible for emotions, but we are responsible for what we do with emotions."
  • "Everything that is done for love is done beyond good and evil."
  • "The only way to foresee the future is to have the power to shape it."
  • "There are no eternal facts, just as there are no absolute truths."
  • «There is only one truly serious philosophical problem: suicide. To judge whether or not life is worth living is to answer the fundamental question of philosophy."
  • «He who fights with monsters must be careful not to become one of them. And if you look for a long time into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.
  • "In the combat between you and the world, support the world."
  • "He who does not know how to suffer will not know how to love."


  • "Loving humanity is a way of taking comfort from it."
  • "He who does not understand a glance will not understand a long explanation either."
  • «It is better to die standing than to live on your knees.
  • "He who has a reason to live can endure almost any how."
  • "The best way to make yourself respected is to always be respectful of yourself."
  • "It is willpower that makes the soul healthy and the body sick."
  • "The majority think with sensitivity, I do it with my intellect, and here is the difference: few think about their life and I think about life."
  • "Man and woman are natural enemies."
  • "He who fights with monsters must be careful not to become one of them."
  • "Life is dangerous, and not because men do evil, but because they watch and are allowed to."
  • "Without music, life would be a mistake."
  • "Everything that is done for love is done beyond good and evil."
  • "The struggle for supremacy makes sense only to the extent that, for the defeated, life becomes unbearable."
  • «It is very difficult to live with people you love very much. And it is very difficult to live with people you love little.
  • "Man has been educated to be, instead of to become."
  • "It is not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship that makes marriages unhappy."
  • "Man is the only animal that has to be educated."
  • "If life ever turns its back on you, grab its ass."

thinker phrases

  • "The advantage of having a bad memory is that you enjoy the same things many times."
  • «The past and the future do not matter; "Only the present is important."
  • "The worst thing about men is that they think they are good."
  • «Loneliness is dangerous; It is addictive. "Once you realize how much peace there is in it, you won't want to deal with people."
  • "He who has a reason to live can endure almost any how."
  • "The most insignificant acts are always more important than the best intentions."
  • "Hope is the worst of evils, because it prolongs man's torment."
  • «Pleasure and pain are nothing more than a testimony of our life.»
  • "If you want to be happy, don't ask for more: to be able to do good and be good."
  • "One does not commit suicide for suffering, but for meaningless suffering."
  • "Faith in the possibility of the realization of a thing is the strongest force that leads towards it."
  • «There is nothing absolutely good or bad; It is the way of thinking that makes it so.
  • "The first and last question is, What is the value of life?"
  • "The essence of life is the will to power."

The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche in the current era

The different reflections of the German thinker focus on essential questions of life like existence or morality. His thoughts will pose a real challenge to conventional notions and invite the person to carry out quite deep critical thinking that goes far beyond one's own conformism.

Through his magnificent work, Friedrich Nietzsche will propose a long path of personal transformation towards the idea of ​​the superman. It is a higher version of the person that is achieved thanks to overcoming the different adversities of everyday life. Nietzsche's philosophy remains the subject of debate to this day and his thoughts and reflections continue to be important in shaping contemporary thought.

In short, these 50 phrases are just a small sample of the great intellectual legacy of Friedrich Nietzsche and the ability when challenging different conventions typical of critical thinking. Although some of these reflections may be controversial and complicated to accept, there is no doubt that the influence it has had on the field of philosophy and culture is undeniable.

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