The 22 Best Self-Help and Self-Improvement Books

Hello, the first thing to congratulate you on having entered this article in which you will find 17 free audiobooks to listen to online, 7 reviews and 6 articles by self-help books.

You are a person who struggles to improve, overcome your fear and anxiety and increase your quality of life. You are not one of those people who remain anchored and do not know which way to go.

Life is a learning process and books are a great way to get on the path of learning. self-improvement and emotional development and control. My warmest welcome to, a blog in which in addition to the books that I will show you below, you have hundreds of articles and videos that I assure you will inspire, help you in your personal growth and, at times, help you redefine your life.

In the list that you will see below there is a compilation of the best self-help books. Some are more current than others, some I like more than others. In any case, I invite you to read or listen to them since a book will always provide you with new points of view about life.

List of the most recommended self-help books.

The list is composed of:

  1. 17 audiobooks what can you hear online completely free.
  2. 8 book reviews most current and important.
  3. 6 items they have a single common link: personal development.

In any case, they are essential titles for anyone who wants to improve as a human being and achieve success in all facets of his life.

In these lists are the best-selling personal development books which means that they are endorsed by the public for their high quality. Many of them are recomendados by the most prestigious psychologists because they broaden the vision of their patients in a particular aspect and help them strengthen self-esteem or overcome depression. I think they are essential titles for anyone looking to improve or a word of encouragement.


  • "The man who Planted Trees". A beautiful allegorical book that tells us how a man's methodical work can lead to something wonderful.
  • "Build your dream". A book in which the author offers us momentous questions and motivating answers. A very suitable book for all those who want to achieve great goals.
  • "The largest seller in the world". One of the best books on personal development in which we are given, as a novel, a series of guidelines to succeed in life.
  • "Good luck". This is one of my favorite books and authors. One of the best books to convince you that luck as such does not exist, you have to work for it. An exquisite tale.
  • "The Alchemist". Another of the great classics of this type of literature. We accompany its protagonist on a transformative journey in search of treasure.
  • «The inner compass». Through a series of letters that an employee writes to his boss, Álex Rovira shows us the things that are worthwhile in life.
  • "The monk Who Sold His Ferrari". He tells us a fable in which a successful lawyer suffers a heart attack that makes him rethink his life.
  • "101 ways to transform your life". Wayne Dyer gives us this audiobook that can change your life.
  • "Let me tell you". A young boy who seeks answers to the most essential questions of his life ends up talking to "El gordo", a psychoanalyst who begins to tell him a series of stories that serve to reflect and draw conclusions.
  • "Rich father poor father". Robert Kiyosaki wrote this story to make us understand how the world of finance works and to aspire to achieve financial independence.
  • "Your wrong areas". This is a must-have book for your personal library. Wayne Dyer reviews those aspects that keep us from happiness, such as guilt.
  • "Please be happy". A book that teaches us to be happy despite the difficulties we encounter in life.
  • «The 5 people you will meet in heaven». A book in which its protagonist dies and meets the 5 people who have most influenced his life in heaven, although he was not aware of it.
  • The 7 spiritual laws of success. Millions of people around the world have read this book to discover the keys to finding success in life.
  • "The Path of the Wizard" by Deepak Chopra. A very spiritual book to try to understand life through a series of lessons that the book gives us.
  • "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This book is exquisite, highly recommended for both children and adults.



Remember the most important thing is how you feel and from there, start walking. These books will help you make vital decisions but always be guided by your point of view, not by what you see written. Many of the advice you find in these books may not fit you. Have your own criteria and adapt them to your personal circumstances.

Once again, I congratulate you. You are a person who seeks to improve and not remain anchored in life.

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  1.   ligia said

    I like this page a lot

  2.   Yaneth Vivas Gonzalez placeholder image said

    chevere the audiobooks.

  3.   Lupita ruiz said

    very good chance to get them

  4.   Shelly Hari Salinas Soto said

    Very good audiobooks =)

  5.   Shelly Hari Salinas Soto said

    Very good audiobooks =)

  6.   Charles Camillo said

    I recommend it very good page

  7.   Isabel sanchez vergara said


    1.    Madrid efficiency said

      Just before you get "stuck" you will find a word whose meaning you do not understand. This usually happens when we don't know the meaning of a word. It is very useful to ALWAYS have the dictionary at hand. You'll see how it helps you.

    2.    Gabriela elizabeth fernandez said

      look isabel I think from my own experience that this has to do with the predisposition you have to read and with the moment that you are passing. I spend with the book the secret that when I read it the first time I skipped pages. Some read them above. and others I simply did not understand. And when I read it for the second time, I understood that what had happened to me before. It was that it was not the time for me to read and understand it. So this second time I could, see, understand and apply what I had previously overlooked. I believe that the reading of certain books are at the moment they have to be and for something they touch us more at one time than another. kisses

    3.    Daniel Vergara Pelaez said

      I can recommend a self-help book about that ... hahaha Joke!

    4.    Isabel sanchez vergara said

      Gabriela Elizabeth Fernandez Thank you very much Gabriela, I will self-analyze, I think you are absolutely right, thank you again for sharing your experience with me, you are very generous !!!

    5.    Enrique Yanez-Ramirez said

      Hello, my name is Enrique, the best thing you can do to understand a self-help book, you should keep in mind that there is a god and if our faith is like the size of a mustard seed, little by little you will know more about it and you will see that life is so beautiful as you want to see it.

    6.    Charles Benitez Ovelar said

      Isabel, I think you have to find a way to awaken the interest of doing it, capable of being a consequence of a lack of peace and tranquility which you could overcome by seeking to enrich it with the word of God first, then ask God to enlighten you with his grace and his Holy Spirit. It is as if the battery of your car is exhausted and you have to charge it slowly to revive it again ...

    7.    Guillermo Gutierrez said

      Well, Isabel, I am going to recommend a good book for you: Autoboicot, it is about how you put up walls and obstacles to keep you from moving forward. You self-restrict yourself in order not to overcome yourself and that is precisely what happens to you: Start to see which are those walls that you are building yourself and how you can knock them down so that you can move forward. Just one tip: To improve yourself, you have to have a great dose of humility, blessings Isabel and all your efforts. you will do it.

    8.    Braulio Jose Garcia Pena said

      one of the books that I like the most is the knight in the rusty armor and the candida erendida, I recommend it to you

    9.    Dolores Ceña Murga said

      I recommend you start small and take breaks while you read to gradually create the habit, the technique of making summaries is also good

  8.   Juan jose lopez garcia said

    They allude me a lot, the audiobooks are very good, thanks to those who created this page, people will need them more than they think, in Spain people are showing themselves and gracefully there are already more than 2700 people who have committed suicide there listening to these audiobooks would not have happened.

  9.   Juan jose lopez garcia said

    Put more, please, humanity needs them because it will be enslaved, they are very necessary, thank you.

  10.   Daniel said

    Self-help books and the messages they convey are not only NOT HELPFUL, but can also harm the reader.
    Not only because they have a "selfish", "narcissistic" and "mezquino" spirit, which does not contribute to the relationship with people, but also because they can trigger an identity crisis for those who read them.

    1.    choirs said

      Daniel, I think you should read them all again conscientiously and not just see the letters jump before your eyes.

    2.    Daniela said

      I believe in my very humble opinion that it helps those who want to help themselves and, if you speak for yourself and I do not help you, and on the contrary it confused you, be more perceptive to what you are living, listening or reading.
      If this is not the case, what could happen was that I changed to a person close to you and you could no longer control or dominate and you did not like the result ... And let me tell you that that is not healthy ... hopefully by now you have another mentality about those books. Namaste - ??

  11.   Sara said


    A big greeting, this page is excellent, in particular something that has always helped me to get ahead, to risk doing things that I never imagined doing, it is precisely reading, and listening to these beautiful books, especially to live seeing the beautiful of life, to teach my daughters that there is nothing better than this life that we have, we just have to learn to live it, so congratulations to all the writers who give us the opportunity to listen to their valuable messages. Thanks.

  12.   Georgina said

    Hi Daniel,

    I sincerely congratulate you on the great work you have been doing, it is really incredible and it is very well documented. I will not be able to thank you enough for the great help that this means for many people, being a challenge of personal improvement for you and given your personal situation. My sincere congratulations.

    A big hug, greetings, take care of yourself and a very good weekend with your loved ones !!


    1.    Daniel said

      Thank you Georgina for this comment. One of the best I have been able to read.

      Thank you.

      1.    Miracles35 said

        Thank you. I finally found something very useful on the internet. Greetings, Milagritos35

        1.    theresa said

          this is what i was looking for !!! I will read them all, thanks Daniel !!!

  13.   Charles Benitez Ovelar said

    These books are very good, but they only help at a certain point in our lives, they are used for personal management, they are "patch-like" solutions because when someone wants to solve their problems permanently and completely, it is by turning to the best medicine and the best doctor. of the universe who is Jesus ...

  14.   Christian fernando mendoza said


  15.   anchor said

    Excellent all the presentations, I restrainedly raise the concern, of two excellent titles if you can upload them that pleasantly, the titles are:
    the knight in the rusty armor, well done, the devil in the bottle, they all have enormous wealth, thank you.

  16.   hitalo rossell ayala said

    Hello Daniel my name is Hitalo Roossell Ayala and I am from Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia I congratulate you for the great work you are doing I am really pleased to know that there are people like you who are interested in the wealth of spirit I am striving for my financial freedom and read all the books by robert kiyosaky as well as other books of improvement and today looking at your work I realize without knowing you that you are a great person congratulations and move on

    1.    Daniel said

      Thank you very much for your words Hitalo, they encourage me to continue with the blog.

      Kind regards.

  17.   Valeria said

    Thanks, Daniel, what else to say? I enter the page to listen to the audibles every day! Very good all, it is an invaluable contribution, it is good that there are people like these authors and like you who spread them!
    May this attitude and ability to share always accompany you, as Alex Rovira says in his book: what you give of yourself will become your wealth, and you have given a lot with this blog.

    A fuerte abrazo.

    1.    Daniel said

      Thanks Valeria, a pleasure to read comments like yours 😀

  18.   Carlos Pinto said


  19.   Antonio said

    My sincere congratulations on your work, Daniel. In case someone could help, I allow myself to recommend to everyone a book that I have read not long ago and that is entitled "Beyond Stress", by Tomás García Castro. It is a novel essay, easy to read and very interesting for stress management and self-improvement. In addition, it makes you reflect in a surprising way.

    1.    SP said

      I have also read Beyond Stress, and I agree with its quality. It is a great book, different and, above all, very useful in terms of improvement. I recommend it to everyone.

  20.   David said


    The truth is that it is a great collection.
    Thank you very much for the info.

  21.   Fabio Leonardo Porras Alarcón said

    Thank you I would like to hear more from Og Mandino that Jehovah God will reward you for your grain of sand that
    Help keep calm in a world of so much trouble and new thanks Daniel

  22.   Zarathustra said

    I would like to share with you the following:
    spiritual intelligence Dan milan ... After reading many of these books I know that you will like this ... Be careful not to confuse with emotional intelligence (I like this less) because they only look alike in the title.
    A cordial greeting and thanks for sharing.

  23.   leonardo said

    hear what would be the book that you think is the best to read

    1.    Dolores Ceña Murga said

      Hello Leonardo, personally, "The Alchemist" seems to me to be one of the most recommended books.

  24.   Rose Contreras said

    The catalog is very good. Congratulations and thanks to its creator. I want to comment that personally it helped me a lot «Prometheus badly chained !, which, although it is a novel, recreation literature, gives tools to face our problems ... Thank you again ...

  25.   Raul S Castillo said

    Hello, I just read the comments where I see that this page is very interesting but I would like to know how to get the audio books.

  26.   albert nice said

    Hello friends, could you help me find the title and author of this book? I only have these data The author studied three careers at MIT, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) I think psychology and two engineering and wrote a spectacular book, about something like an infallible method on how to get someone to earn 50 thousand dollars or something so, thanks for your help

  27.   George said

    Someone knows the book «Fortify the inner man in you« .. ?? .. the author's name is Jean Cadillac

  28.   Self-help books said

    I recommend Treatise of Medlchisedec - Alain Houel, Power of the Subconscious - Joseph Murphy and The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra

  29.   Andreina seprum said

    Very good all of you, at some point we need help, currently I recommend "I shit a dove" by Linda Palomar, a hilarious pamphlet about inner power and how to reconquer it without many obstacles. (On Amazon)

  30.   AFT said

    Personally, I recommend reading a book called "Beyond Stress", by Tomás García Castro. It is a novel that, in addition to entertaining with a police plot, offers innumerable tips to prevent and manage stress, even to use it in a positive way. It is really very interesting, and FREE. It can be downloaded on the net without problem.

    1.    THERESA WILLIAMS said

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  31.   Paul B. said

    Missing is the book "Coaching for Success" by Talane Miedaner, the best self-help book I have read to date.

  32.   MARIA FERNANDA said


  33.   MARIA FERNANDA said


  34.   JB said

    What do you think about the book Philosophy for Life?

  35.   Care said

    Thanks for these titles, some I have already read, as the largest seller in the world. I recommend a book, which can also be read for free, Journey to Divinity - Living Death. Its author shares it and can be found by putting the title in the google search engine.

  36.   Maria Evangelina Burgalat Abarca said

    I love that books really necessary to evolve emotionally are at hand in times of literary famine, I have read almost all of them ... that's why I'm looking for others, that I may find them here later ... In the meantime I thank you for the opportunity to have beautiful books in hand ...

  37.   Pablo García said

    My recommendations:
    A backpack for the universe. Elsa punset
    The Bamboo Warrior (Bruce Lee). Francisco Ocana
    The power of intention. Wayne dyer
    The Nine Revelations, James Redfield
    The knight in the rusty armor. Robert Fisher
    Heal your life. Louise hay
    Spiritual Solutions. Deepak Chopra
    The peaceful Warrior. Mark Millar
    Where your Dreams take you / A place called Destiny. Javier Iriondo
    Buddha, The Prince of Light. Ramiro Street
    33 rules to change your life. Jesus Cajina
    The Art of War. Sun Tzu
    TaoTeChing. lao tze

  38.   Rodrigo said

    Good afternoon, I am currently living a somewhat difficult process, problems with my partner, in short, lack of maturity on my part, since I am with her I practically stop being the person I was before, motivated, independent, self-confident and everything the one I was disappeared, I need to remedy that, little angel I have the desire to improve myself, I do not want to lose it due to lack of commitment and maturity, I go to you readers so that through your experience you can recommend a book.
    Thank you very much beforehand !!!

    1.    Esteban said

      Love her unconditionally a what a book The Law of Love by vicent Guillén cousin.

  39.   Jungle Morey Rios said

    In this globalized age, in which information is explicit without taboos or false prejudices, many of us have stopped reading to dedicate our valuable time to modern technology with its exciting presentation and applications that we personally use with total free will. But, that moderating aspect of actions, moral support of life, teachings of lived experiences that we offer without any price to pay and that the books give us with their theme, which seeks the intention of improving the quality of life, of understanding that time every day is less for everyone, that it is necessary to hasten in the task of growing personally for a better human coexistence, temporizing with our neighbors of the time to forge a quasi-ideal of harmonious, peaceful existence; By practicing patience and tolerance, it should not be lost. We must read more, to bequeath to those who follow us a better society, which is worthy of the world's heritage due to the excellence of its transit and a paradigm that fosters solidarity, justice and common peace.

  40.   Jungle Morey Rios said

    In this globalized age, in which information is explicit without taboos or false prejudices, many of us have stopped reading to dedicate our valuable time to modern technology with its exciting presentation and applications that we personally use with total free will. But, that moderating aspect of actions, moral support of life, teachings of lived experiences that we offer without any price to pay and that the books give us with their theme, which seeks the intention of improving the quality of life, of understanding that time each day is less for everyone, that it is necessary to hurry in the task of growing personally for a better human coexistence, temporizing with our neighbors of the time to forge a quasi-ideal of harmonious, peaceful existence; By practicing patience and tolerance, it should not be lost. We must read more, to bequeath to those who follow us a better society, one that is worthy of the world's heritage due to the excellence of its earthly transit and social paradigm that fosters solidarity, justice and common peace.

  41.   Diana said

    Hello, in good time I found this blog. Thank you for your time, I am a social worker and it helps me to identify some topics and use them as resources if you allow me. I would like to see if I can make references to the books you mention. Keep going, it's the first time I read you and nothing excellent product.