What is affection and how is it expressed?

Affection between human beings is important

Affection is psychological but we need it like breathing. It appears when we least expect it in conversations or gestures, always in personal relationships. It is a form of love and it makes us feel good. But what is affection and how is it expressed? This is what we are going to talk about next.

Affection seems to be intuitive and we don't think much about how it affects or how we like to receive it or how others like to express it to them. For this reason, sometimes mistakes are made in affection and interpersonal relationships. Affection always leaves its mark on us and that is why it is so important to understand it.

What is the definition of affection?

Affection gives us strength to relate to other people and is expressed to anyone with whom we feel a special emotional bond. Affection occurs in mothers and fathers with their children, towards friends, partners, from children to parents, from grandparents to grandchildren, etc. Anyone who has emotional ties will know what affection is in their life.

Although you have experienced it many times throughout your life, it is normal that you do not know how to conceptualize it in the correct way. Namely, you don't know how to define it because it's more of a feeling than just words, truth? It is a feeling that you have in various situations when you are with other people. But, in general, affection is a disposition that one has towards another being (animal or person) or situation.

Affection is connected with emotion although there are differences. The affection is directed towards another person, animal or thing and it can be permanent or temporary. Instead, emotions are always temporary. Affection is identified with the feelings of love and affection towards another.

Affection for a pet

Therefore, affect has an insurmountable relational character, since it happens when there is interaction between people or beings. It does not depend on just one as it must have a bidirectional direction for it to be satisfactory. When a person gives affection but does not receive it in return, the feelings are usually negative and sad.

The emotional bond between beings and affection

Affection is essential in the human condition and when it does not exist it can trigger severe emotional problems and even mental illnesses or personality disorders. For this reason, all people need affection from birth and throughout life. It's the way we feel like we are part of a group and that feeling of belonging is what differentiates us and marks us as people.

The affect can be variable since it changes depending on the interaction that is had. For example, the same affection will not be shown towards a father as towards a neighbor. It is expressed in different ways depending on the bond you have with that person.

When the affection is not reciprocated, as we have indicated above, it feels like disgusting. So, taking this into account, affection can be felt as something positive or negative depending on how we feel or transmit affection to or from another person.

The importance of affection in the family

How to express affection to the people we care about

Once you know what affection is, it is time to know how to express it correctly to those people we love the most. Affection brings people together and strengthens emotional bonding. Therefore, it is so important to know how to express it and also to receive it. To do this, if you want to achieve it, do not miss the keys that we are going to show you below.

Observe your dear person

In order to show affection to someone you have to reach their heart and there is no better way than to do it taking into account their interests and concerns. Take a look at what their day to day is like or what their emotional reactions are like. With this information obtained from your observations, you will be able to know how is the best way to express your affection towards him or her.

Do not be prejudiced

No prejudices, no preconceptions. Think of the other person without prejudice and you will see it very differently from how other people do it. It is a necessary exercise to be able to understand the other, work on empathy and be able to show affection in the healthiest way possible.

Showing affection for your partner is crucial to your partner's health

Understand what the other needs

Not all of us need the same thing, therefore, it is essential to be aware that our needs will not be the same as those of others. Therefore, you must always express your affection in a positive way and when the other person is willing to receive it.

Think about their positive qualities

People have a bad habit of looking only at the negative things of other people. A good exercise is to begin to focus only on the good, on the positive, on what it brings us, on what it transmits good to the world. Stop and think about the good things that the other person transmits to you and you will be able to feel more clearly that affection that you want to show him. The other person will feel the affection as something positive and sincere, so they will accept it pleasantly and appreciate that act of communication towards their heart. He will feel better and will be closer to you emotionally.

Take into account the most delicate emotional areas of that person

It is important to be aware that no one is perfect and that is why there will be topics that are forbidden or that you do not like to discuss for certain reasons. Please respect it. It is important that you respect it because each of us has the right to have those limit zones very clear so that others do not transfer them if we are not sure or prepared for it. In this sense, allow the other person to decide when you can (or not) cross those limits, and respect it. In other words, you should respect the comfort zone of the other so that they feel respected at all times.

Affection is fundamental in everyone's life, both yours and that of others. But for it to be something positive you have to know how to express it, and how to receive it! With this information that we have given youSurely from now on affection will play an even more important role in your life.

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