32 Scientifically Proven Tricks To Study Better (And Faster)

How to study better

Studying out of obligation is one of the most boring activities of life. However, nowadays, the educational system forces us to study huge amounts of information, often unnecessary, and to top it off, it doesn't take us 1 hour to forget it after taking the exam.
Before we get into the subject and you see these small 32 tips to help you study better, we are going to see a good youtube video that I found and it is titled "5 Types of Study Skills That Will Boost Your Mental Performance".
It is a video in which the key elements for your study to be effective are reviewed in a general way (after the video we will see some tricks):

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? How to focus to study

  • First of all, before we start studying, is plan. We must think about what topic or topics we are going to learn and set our key objective on them. There is no use studying different subjects, of several subjects at the same time because it will make the ideas intermingle.
  • You can make a Study Scheduleas long as it's realistic. But if you don't follow it to the letter it doesn't matter. There are topics that will be more complicated and will take us a little longer. But even so, it is always important to set a schedule because it is a way of organization.
  • Experts consider that it is always better start with the topics that are easiest for you. Because you will learn them before and it will be a way to motivate you. But if you want to start with the difficult ones, then the road will be downhill and more bearable. Here you should apply it as best suits you.
  • When take notes in class, you must underline or highlight what the teacher mentions as 'important' or 'take into account'. Because from there a new exam question may arise.
  • It is also important to maintain a good nutrition when we are in exam season. Because only in this way, we will fill ourselves with essential vitamins and minerals so that our body and brain can work together and with better results. Always choose fish, fruits and vegetables.
  • Forget about very copious meals. It is not the best way to sit down and study. It is best to eat in small portions and more times a day.
  • Even if you have a lot to study, rest is vital. Before going to sleep, take a hot bath. It will help you relax and have a good night's sleep.
  • Every hour or hour and a half of study, you can rest for about 7 minutes.
  • Never leave everything for the last day. If you organize yourself, you can study a little every day. Thus, you will allow yourself to forget about stress and even have free time for your hobbies.
  • Always choose the same place to study. Also, remember that it has to be an area without a lot of noise and well ventilated. Before you sit down, gather what you need for your study. You can include a glass of water or herbal teas.

? Tricks to study more and better

Until there is a change in this educational model, we have to find the most effective way to consciously assimilate that information and later put it to good use.
To avoid having catastrophic grades, probably the result of not having studied enough, or of not being able to concentrate properly, there are some routines that can help us improve our results.
We are talking about habits that have been scientifically proven in many studies, and the volunteers who have lent themselves to them have managed to obtain the highest marks.
Here I leave you these 32 ways to study that you can put into practice if you want to study better, faster and get better grades on your exams:
Study better

Explain what you are studying to someone.

You will need a guinea pig to listen to you. It could be one of your parents, your brother / sister or a friend. Explain what you just studied. But do not settle for that: it must be an explanation that arouses curiosity in the other.

Give your brain the time it needs to process the information.

The first time you learn something new, either by studying it from a book, or in a conference, you should review the same material within 24 hours. This way you will avoid being forgotten up to 80% of the information.
If after a week we review our notes again, in just 5 minutes we will retain 100% of the information. Reference

Find a real application to what you are studying.

Studying well consists of extrapolating what you are studying to your daily life, find a practical use for it. There will be subjects that are easier for you to bring to reality and others that are more abstract. Spin your imagination. The mere fact of looking for a practical utility will make the knowledge much more fixed in your memory.

Studying time.

The experts assure that the best way to study is to do it on a daily basis, in a continuous routine.
But what if we don't have enough time to do it every day? A group of San Diego psychologists conducted a study concluding that leaving learning for the last days is a mistake.
The idea is to take a little time each day, not too much.
If, for example, we have the exam in a week, start studying, at least, when there are 5 days left.

Use the Internet.

The best use you can make of the Internet is to find information about what you are studying. Try to make the information audiovisual so that your brain assimilates it more easily. Look for videos on YouTube about what you are interested in learning or directly create one 🙂…. but be careful, don't get distracted!

Learn in your own words.

A professor of psychology at the University of Washington revealed a curious study in which it was proven that you learn much more by understanding what you study, than by learning the concepts by heart.
That is why it is recommended to read the lesson, close the book and recite what we can remember, but always as we have understood it. Reference

Save yourself a reward for when you finish your study time.

This trick is crucial and will make it less difficult for you to start studying and that you want to do it more effectively because you know that after that time you will enjoy the gift you have reserved for yourself. In order to study well it is necessary to have a motivation.
This reward that you will give yourself when you finish your study day can help you put laziness aside.

Learning written text.

Despite the fact that Tablets and eReaders have been imposed on the market, the truth is that they are not considered suitable for studying. According to experts, with the iPad it takes us to read up to 6,2% longer the lesson than in a printed book (with a Kindle it takes up to 10,7% longer).
In addition, according to a study carried out by a psychology professor at the University of Leicester in England, students must read the lesson many more times on an electronic device than in a book. Reference

Optimize your time.

Forget about old learning guidelines that teach you how to squeeze your time, and think only about what you need.
Prioritize, determine which parts are the most important and we already assure you that everything will be better for you. Always start with the hardest.

Use the Leither system

This system consists of making cards where we will ask questions about the topic to be studied. The student will have to answer them and those who answer incorrectly will be classified in a different pile.
This way, you only have to go through this pile later to learn from your mistakes. Reference

Get motivated before you start.

Set aside 5 minutes before you start studying to motivate yourself. Start thinking about what you are going to study, how you are going to structure your learning, focus on it, breathe in and breathe.
Concentrating before studying is very important and these 5 minutes before studying will help you. Close your eyes and visualize the 10 you are going to get on the exam, how satisfied you are going to show yourself and the compliments you are going to receive.
study techniques

Beware of over-learning

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, in combination with the University of South Florida, found something incredible and that is that a person who studies too much, without respecting breaks, will make learning difficult.
It is good to disconnect, take your mind away from the subject to study, and we will see how the knowledge consolidates itself.

Discriminate important information.

All information is summed up in a great idea. THAT IDEA is the one that has to be clear to you. As a result of that idea comes everything else, its development and deepening.

Listen to music

There are some studies, such as the one carried out by a group of researchers from the Stanford School of Medicine, who determined that listening to a certain type of music (especially classical) helps to exercise certain parts of the brain that improve our attention.
In addition, it can also improve our mood and even improve our habits when it comes to consolidating knowledge.

Take advantage of the hours when you are more mentally productive.

Some study better in the morning, others after eating, others at night ... What I do recommend is that you sleep the hours necessary for your mind to work better (this is essential).
Studying all night is not good for studying. An investigation from the University of Notre Dame carried out a study in which two groups of students participated; one of them studied at 9 am while the other did it at 9 pm
By sleeping the same number of hours, those who studied in the morning had much higher performance.
Concentration on study is the key that can make the difference between success or failure. Reference

Learn to relax

Stress is not good for our minds. It is important to rest a couple of hours every so often to study, and to do some exercise. If we reduce our stress level, we will memorize much better. Reference

Do not isolate yourself.

Of course there are people who study better alone. If this is your case, do not listen to me with this advice. However, it is good to surround yourself with people who are in the same situation and who are even studying the same as you. You can help and motivate each other.

Try a method that really works for you.

On many occasions, study techniques have become outdated and do not always work as expected; the world changes, the way of studying evolves and the student has to choose what works best for him.
Don't be afraid to try new study methods! Reference

Get into a state of flux.

In this state, your mind is completely focused on studying, leaving all other distractions isolated. Your mind becomes agile and everything begins to appear easy.
It is difficult to enter this state. Tip # 6 will help you make things easier for yourself.
to study math

Learn to make connections.

There are also studies that ensure that we will learn much more if we know how to connect concepts instead of memorizing.
If the whole syllabus makes sense for us, we will get much more satisfactory tests and we will be able to remember the knowledge for much longer. Reference


Try to convert the abstract information into an image. If you are struggling to understand a concept, visualization is a good technique to start with.

Control your thoughts.

It may seem silly, but there are many studies (for example, by Halpern in 1996, Carr, Borkowski and Presley in 1987, Garner in 1990), where it has been shown that learning to control our thoughts helps improve the learning curve .
The goal is to ward off negative thoughts, as well as those that are too exciting; they will only prevent us from concentrating. Reference

Form acronyms.

It's a mnemonic trick. Example: if you have to study the chemical elements you can form acronyms. Lithium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Neon, Aluninium ... CLONAN

Change of scenery.

When studying, even the smallest element intervenes in our degree of concentration. For example, a room change can help you better retain information. Reference

Visualize a grotesque image.

It takes practice if you want to do it quickly. The basic idea is that you link three or four ideas together forming a strange image that involves all three or four.

If you want to memorize a shopping list that includes apples, milk, and beans, your goal would be to create an image that includes these items. Example: a huge apple with eyes and legs that is milking a cow and the milk falls into a plate with beans.

? ️‍♂️ Exercise before studying?

According to a study carried out by Dr. Dougals B. Mckeag, from the University of Indiana, doing sports makes the blood in our brain spread more fluidly, so we would be able to learn more quickly.

? Vary the study subjects.

Always studying the same thing can be boring and counterproductive; for example, if we are studying vocabulary, we can vary with a little reading. If we are studying mathematics and we also have a literature exam, it is convenient to vary so that the brain refreshes itself.
With these guidelines there will be no test that will resist you. Reference

? Schedule your study as if you were going to climb a great mountain.

Boy concentrating to study

Take an agenda and set small goals each day (base camps). Every day you have to reach the base camp. Little by little you will see the summit.

✂ Take off your watch and put it in front of you.

You have to set yourself study times that can be 45 minutes each time. The clock will help you mark these times.

? Avoid study binges the night before the exam.

Evening study sessions before the exam do more harm than good. They are closely linked to poor grades, lower reasoning skills, and poorer memory. Just one full night of study could negatively affect the brain for up to four days.

Don't multitask.

The data is conclusive: multitasking makes us less productive, more distracted, and dumber [1] [2] [3] Studies show that even people who say they are good at multitasking are actually no better than the average person.

Effective students focus on only one thing. So don't try to study while answering whatsapps, watching TV or checking your Twitter account.

? Some suggestions to improve your concentration

  • Turn off notifications on the phone
  • Silence your mobile.
  • Log out of all instant messaging programs.
  • Have your study area organized.

? Write down your concerns.

Am I going to do this test well? What if I forget the key concepts and equations? What if the exam is more difficult than expected?

These kinds of thoughts can disturb your mind before the test. Here is the solution:

In an experiment, [1] University of Chicago researchers found that students who wrote about their feelings about a test they were going to take in 10 minutes performed better than students who did not. The researchers say that this technique is especially effective for those students who worry regularly.

? The best study techniques

Study technique


  • Write notes and summaries by hand: Although it already seems commonplace, in recent years it is no longer having the same importance. Today we have the technologies, computers or tablets to search for information or download notes. But according to experts, it is always recommended to write them in your own handwriting. Why? Well, because while you write you are reading and you will fix more concepts. That is, you manage to retain what is important for longer.
  • Don't study everything often: Hence, it is always better to get organized days before. Leaving everything for the last days will make us have to study several hours in a row. Well no, it is not good since it is said that everything learned will be erased in a short time. It is best to let a few hours pass, rest and then continue with the study. Thus, the concentration will be higher.
  • The motivation it is always one of our best allies. We must concentrate and motivate ourselves so that in this way, we are open to new information.
  • Association of ideas: It is a way of organizing what has been learned. You can use keywords or mental images that associate concepts.
  • When texts become too heavy for us, we can do mental images thereof. An idea similar to the previous one, where we will relate texts that start from photos.
  • Read over and over again it is also one of the best techniques. Because without a doubt, by always repeating the same concept, it will remain engraved on us. There are people who choose to study aloud because it generates the same result.
  • When we sit down to study a topic for the first time, it is best to read it a couple of times. From him, we will highlight the main ideas and conclusions. Starting from this, we can elaborate our diagrams or make a summary of it.
  • Practice with exams: When you have put all of the above into practice, it will be time to reflect it. What better way to do it than with a similar exam model.

? How to memorize fast

Trick to memorize math quickly

You have to know that 10% of what we learn will be thanks to reading and repetition. While almost 50% of us will do it both in conversations and in debates and all this, out loud. But they say that 75% of what is learned will be thanks to practice. So, having this data, we can begin to prepare ourselves to know how memorize fast.

? Story

  • We will read a part of the text to study and we will repeat aloud. It does not mean that it has to be from memory to the first reading. But repeating it out loud is one of the best ways to get it stuck. Plus, you can record and listen to yourself over and over again.
  • When there is a topic that does not stay with you, make a summary in your handwriting. Read each section of it and get a couple of main ideas.
  • Now is the time to memorize. How?, repeating what was learned out loud and without looking at the text. Think about how you are telling someone a good fight. To make it even more realistic, you can stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself the lesson. Remember that you should not go to the next point or topic, without having fixed the concepts of the previous one.
  • When you have the topics memorized, take a break. Go for a walk or relax. Then, think about everything that is still a little loose and go back to give a review. You have to fix the concepts well!

? Math

  • Choose your own mnemonic techniques: This is that when we are before the formulas of mathematics or physics, we must establish some strategies to remember them. For example, each letter of the formula can be the first letter of a common name, making the sum of the letters leave us a phrase. Surely that way they will be easier for you to remember.
  • Visual clues: If phrases are not your thing, then you can resort to the so-called visual cues. You will choose a scenario that you always like. It can be a room, a cafeteria or a beach. Then we will count how many letters are in the formula. Each letter will be an object that is in the chosen scene.
  • Practice the formulas: Without a doubt, to know how to study better, there always has to be a practice. Try exercising where the same formula is but with different values.
  • Break down all parts of the formula: It is true that when we find a complicated formula, it will take us a little more time, but it is usually effective. Sometimes there is no use studying the formula itself. It is best to memorize it by breaking down each part of it and knowing what it means and what you are looking for with it.

More information
Website in English on tips for studying

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    Fact: I have anxiety, depression, insomnia, some of these factors hinder my ability to concentrate, what can I do?

    1.    Golden Boy said

      Don't Worry, it is only a matter of time before you really realize that what is happening to you is not a problem of intellectual capacity, it is simply the consequence of an emotional problem badly managed.
      Forget at this moment about everything that makes you feel bad ... Think about something that has happened to you that has filled you with happiness and emotional satisfaction. Have good thoughts a positive thought will bring with it more good thoughts that will fill you with light. Think of something sublime that can fill you with inspiration. Torture yourself no more ... Free your mind.
      Remember that we are the reflection of our thoughts, trust your abilities if you don't trust your true potential, no one else will. You are smarter than you think and even smarter than people have told you you are. Do not believe everything they tell you and do not believe everything that goes through your mind because sometimes they are wrong thoughts. Get rid of that heavy emotional burden, give yourself the opportunity that no one else has given you and no one can give you ... The opportunity to be happy.
      I recommend listening to classical music or relaxing music with instrumental background or instrumental background music; There is also music to be in the alpha state or to concentrate. I recommend a channel called music therapy. Do something that fills you with happiness like singing, painting, reading, etc ... Do something good that fulfills you and is constructive ... fulfill your dreams.

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