How many types or kinds of abuse are there?


Violence and abuse It is something that unfortunately is constantly present in today's society, affecting all types of people regardless of their age or gender. However, the big problem with many cases of abuse is that they are not always presented in a clear or easily recognizable way.

There are different forms of abuse that can go unnoticed, something that will make both its identification and its prevention difficult. In the next article we are going to talk to you of the different types of abuse that exist, from those that are most obvious to those that can occur in a subtle way and are difficult to see.

How many types of abuse are there or exist?

Then we are going to talk to you of different types of abuse that can occur in today's society:

Physical abuse

Physical abuse will involve the use of physical force in order to cause harm or injury to another person. This type of abuse will include hitting, kicking or pushing. It is important to keep in mind that physical abuse will not only include extreme acts of violence, but can also manifest itself in somewhat more subtle ways, such as slapping or any other unwanted physical contact that causes pain to another person.

Emotional abuse

Another of the most popular and common abuses in today's society is psychological or emotional abuse. This type of abuse will be characterized largely by the use of words or gestures intended to cause great psychological damage to another person. This type of damage will include insults, humiliation, threats and emotional manipulations. Emotional abuse can be much more damaging than physical abuse since emotional wounds are not visible but much more damaging than physical ones.

Sexual abuse

Another type of abuse that unfortunately occurs in today's society is sexual abuse. This type of abuse will involve any type of unwanted or forced sexual activity for the victim. Sexual abuse will range from non-consensual touching to more harmful behaviors such as rape or sexual assault. This form of abuse can occur within the family itself and outside it, and victims can be of any age or gender. It is important to note that sexual abuse will not only refer to physical activity, but also to any form of sexual harassment or unwanted exposure to sexually explicit material.

child abuse

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is a type of mistreatment that will manifest itself through hurtful words, insults or contempt towards another person. This type of abuse does special damage to the self-esteem and confidence of the person who suffers said abuse. leaving emotional scars that are difficult to heal. Often, verbal abuse will be used as a way to control and dominate the other person, causing a toxic relationship in which inequality is clear and evident.

Child abuse

Child abuse or mistreatment can be of various types such as physical or emotional. The main characteristic of child abuse is that the victim is a child, a totally vulnerable person who cannot defend himself. In the childhood stage, the emotional consequences or wounds usually last a lifetime and are very difficult to eliminate. Regarding the consequences of this type of abuse, there is low self-esteem, lack of confidence and avoidant attachment.

Institutional abuse

Abuse can come from individuals and from public or private institutions through laws or regulations. This is what is known as institutional abuse. This type of abuse can manifest itself in various forms or ways: a lack of adequate attention to the basic needs of individuals (such as food or hygiene, physical or emotional abuse by staff, discrimination or sexual abuse. Institutional abuse can be caused both by the staff of the institution and by other residents or users of said institution. Given this, it is essential to be able to identify and address this problem to protect the rights of those who are in a vulnerable situation within these institutions.


Financial abuse

Financial abuse will consist of improper control or exploitation of another person's economic resources in order to control them and exercise strong control over them. This will include, among other behaviors: the theft of money or property, excessive control over expenses or exploitation of the victim's financial situation for personal gain. Financial abuse can be quite damaging in relationships in which there is a strong economic dependence, as happens with relationships as a couple or in those between parents and children.

digital abuse

In the midst of the digital age, a new form of abuse has emerged known with the name of digital abuse or cyberbullying. This will include sending threatening messages through digital media, spreading false rumors, harassment through social networks or unwanted sending of sexually explicit images. Digital abuse usually has serious mental and emotional consequences for the victims, especially among adolescents.

In short, it is fundamental and essential to recognize that abuse can take a multitude of different forms, all of which are equally harmful and harmful to the people who suffer from it. Both prevention and early intervention are essential when it comes to addressing the abuse in question., as well as to provide the necessary support to victims. Raising society's awareness about this and promoting a culture based on such important values ​​as respect and dignity for all people will help create a much better world in every sense.

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