What factors directly affect libido?


Having a good sex life is synonymous with well-being and happiness. However, not all people enjoy it and have serious difficulties when it comes to enjoying sex with another person. This is because libido is low and sexual desire does not appear. Factors such as stress or certain medications It can cause a strong blockage of libido.

In the following article we will talk to you in a more detailed way of those factors that directly affect libido.


Imagine your body as a wonderful garden full of flowers of all kinds and your libido as the most precious flower in said garden. Stress is that shadow that appears in the garden and causes all the flowers to wither. The stresses of everyday life, work or personal concerns They can directly affect your sexual desire. It is important to recognize all of these stressors and find the best way to deal with them. Relaxation and knowing how to manage stress are key when it comes to allowing your libido to grow and flourish.

Emotional connection

Your sex life is totally connected to your entire being. The emotional connection with your partner is essential and key to maintaining a healthy and in perfect condition. Shows of love, open communication and mutual understanding These are some of the elements that will nourish sexual desire. Make sure you cultivate a strong enough emotional connection with your partner, as this will not only strengthen your relationship, but will also positively impact your sex life.


Imagine that each intimate encounter with the other person is a new adventure, an opportunity to explore and discover. Routine can become your libido's biggest enemy. Monotony ends up killing passion, so break the routine and find new ways to surprise and be surprised in the sexual sphere. You can experiment with new practices, new places or simply change the environment. to keep the spark of passion alive.


Physical Health

Your body is the container that will house your libido. Maintaining good physical health is key to preserving your sexual desire in perfect condition. A balanced diet united to regular physical activity and restful sleep They are key when it comes to having a good sexual desire and not having problems with libido.

The hormones

Hormones are responsible for directing the rhythm and intensity of sexual desire. Factors such as the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause can alter hormonal balance and affect your libido in a way. It is essential to understand these changes and know how to adapt to them, looking for the best possible solutions. With knowledge you can ensure that hormonal changes do not negatively affect your sexual life.

Trust and safety

The confidence and security you have in yourself will directly influence your sexual desire. Self-confidence combined with strong self-esteem are therefore essential as well as crucial factors. Learning to love and accept your own body is the first step towards a good libido. Work on strengthening your confidence, as this will not only improve your sex life but will also have a positive impact on your life in general.

external stimuli

In a world where visual and emotional stimuli are everywhere, It is essential to take into account how they affect your libido. Overexposure to certain content can influence your sexual desire. Learn to filter these stimuli and connect with your own desire in an authentic way. Don't let external expectations dictate your sex life; Instead, discover what really makes you tick.


Pharmaceutical products

There are certain medications that can have a direct impact on libido. This is what happens with drugs to treat heart problems, tranquilizers or antihistamines. The famous contraceptive pill It can also cause libido to drop more than necessary. That is why it is important to read the side effects of drugs before starting to take them. If the intake of certain medications has directly affected your libido, do not hesitate to go to your family doctor.

Discussions and conflicts

Fights and arguments with your partner They may be another reason why libido decreases. Conflicts cause stress to appear and with it a bad mood towards the other person. All this has a negative impact on sexual desire. If this happens, it is important to talk to the other person to solve things. If necessary, it doesn't hurt to go to a couples therapist.

Sleep and rest

Sleeping poorly and for too few hours a day ends up directly affecting libido. Physical fatigue makes an appearance and with it a totally evident and clear lack of sexual desire. Lack of sleep produces fatigue, anxiety and stress, something that, as is normal, directly affects libido. Therefore, do not hesitate to sleep the hours that your body needs to be able to recover and charge energy and regain sexual desire What do you and your partner need?

In short, there is no doubt that your libido is a direct reflection of your happiness and general well-being. Cultivating a healthy libido will involve addressing various aspects of your life, from daily stress management even the emotional connection with your partner. Remember that no two people are the same and identical, and what works for one may not work for another. Explore everything you can, communicate your needs and keep curiosity alive when it comes to your sex life. By knowing what affects your libido, you will be better equipped to enjoy a fully fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

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