What is meant by a psychotic break?


Psychotic breaks represent a very complex mental phenomenon, which is disconcerting both for the person who suffers from them and for those closest to them. In general, it can be said that a psychotic break is a state in which a person completely loses touch with reality. This causes him to be totally unable to distinguish what is authentic from what is not.

In the following article we are going to talk in a more detailed way of psychotic breaks and what is the best possible treatment to deal with them.

What is meant by a psychotic break?

A psychotic break is characterized by the presence of symptoms so clear such as hallucinations, delusions or disorganized behavior. Hallucinations will involve different sensory perceptions that are not present in reality, such as hearing voices. Delusions are false beliefs that are held firmly even though they are not evident. Disorganized behavior may include extreme agitation or a lack of response to external stimuli.

The person affected by the psychotic break may appear quite nervous in all aspects, have serious problems when falling asleep and speaking. in a totally illogical and disorderly way. In addition to all this, it may happen that your pace slows down in such a way that you become quite slow when it comes to doing different daily things.

What are the causes of psychotic break?

There is no exact cause that explains psychotic breaks, but it is believed that they are the result of a combination of genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors. Family history of psychotic disorders Along with the abuse of certain substances or chemical imbalances in the brain, they can increase the risk of experiencing a psychotic break.

Symptoms of psychotic break

The symptoms of a psychotic break can vary from person to person and can occur suddenly or evolve gradually. Some people may experience a single psychotic episode in their lifetime, while others may experience several recurrent episodes. In addition to the usual symptoms of hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized behavior, other types of symptoms may occur such as significant changes in mood, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and sleep-related problems.

psycho outbreak

Signs or warning signs

Sometimes it is really difficult to anticipate a psychotic break and it occurs without noticing any signs or symptoms of any kind. However, on other occasions there are a series of behaviors the days before the outbreak that can help anticipate:

  • Isolation usually occurs at all levels. The person stops going to work and he locks himself at home.
  • Another of these clear signs may consist in a certain neglect on a physical level. The person stops grooming and dressing.
  • It is produced strange behavior and that is far from normal. The person has illogical or poorly rational ideas.

How to diagnose a psychotic break

A good diagnosis of a mental problem as serious as a psychotic break will require from an evaluation by a professional on the subject. To do this, a detailed review of the symptoms present, personal and family medical history, as well as laboratory tests must be carried out to rule out medical conditions that may be contributing to the symptoms. It is key to know how to distinguish between a psychotic break and other mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, since treatment will vary considerably.

How psychotic breaks should be treated

Treatment of a psychotic break will mainly consist of a combination of antipsychotic medications, psychotherapy, and psychosocial support. Antipsychotics allow psychotic symptoms to be controlled, while psychotherapy helps create a safe space to explore and address the patient's different thoughts and emotions. Psychosocial support may consist of participation in support groups, rehabilitation programs, and social skills training to achieve significant improvement. regarding relationships with others. The treatment will largely be aimed at ensuring that the person suffering from psychotic breaks has as normal a life as possible.

Psychotic attack

Do outbreaks usually recur?

The repetition of the outbreaks will depend largely on the origin of the first outbreak. If it is due to a psychotic disorder As with schizophrenia, It is quite possible that new outbreaks will occur when the disease is not well controlled and treated. In these cases, each new psychotic outbreak will cause serious damage to the brain. For this reason, it is essential to treat such a disorder as quickly as possible and in the best possible way. If the origin of the psychotic outbreak is not an illness and is due to drug use or an overly stressed life, new outbreaks should not occur again.

The impact of the psychotic break on daily life

Psychotic breaks can have a significant impact on the lives of those affected as well as their immediate circle. Stigmatization and lack of understanding by a significant portion of society, can make it difficult for those experiencing psychotic breaks to seek appropriate help. However, it should be noted that with an accurate and early diagnosis combined with comprehensive treatment, many people with psychotic breaks can cope with their symptoms and lead as normal a life as possible.

In short, a psychotic break is a complex mental disorder that can affect all types or classes of people regardless of their age or gender. Unfortunately, it is usually a very bad experience for both the person who suffers from it and those close to them. However, it is important to indicate that With good treatment and proper support, The person can lead a normal life and achieve the long-awaited happiness.

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