How to express yourself better? 7 tips to make you understand

Expressing yourself well will be easy if you practice with someone

Expressing yourself well is the art of connecting with others. Maybe you like talking to others but you have problems expressing yourself well, so we are going to explain how to express yourself better, giving you 7 tips to make you understand. There are people who when they express themselves seem to do so naturally, but in many cases they have learned to do so in order to be successful in their dialogue. Expressing yourself well requires concentration and polish some areas where you can fail.

Proper language helps us explain and understand things. In this way we become aware of the message that is to be transmitted and the one that is received, with concrete information. We can adapt our language to the present circumstances, but expression is essential to avoid confusion in the dialogue or misinterpretation of things.

Tips to express yourself better and make yourself understood

It is common that sometimes you make mistakes in the expression and when they do occur, it can generate confusion in the sender and receiver. There may be messages that are difficult to understand and understand, which is why expression in dialogue is so important. Next we are going to give you some tips so that you can express yourself better and make yourself understood successfully. If you usually have speech problems, do not lose detail and put into practice the following points in your day to day.

Talk slower

This is essential to have a good expression: speak more slowly. So you will make it clearer and you will think better what you want to say. It does not consist of taking many pauses, but of speaking more slowly but at the same time you can have a harmonious and understandable dialogue.

Rehearse over and over again and little by little it will come out natural. When you slow down your speech it doesn't have to be a bad thing for your listeners if you do it right. It will give you authority in the speech and you will be able to better express your whole message.

You can express yourself better by practicing with someone you trust

read in loud voice

Once in a while, it's a good idea to read aloud. It is a way to educate your voice and acquire the ability to speak better. Doing reading aloud exercises will help you speak properly and express yourself better. Too you will be stimulating imagination and creativity improving your verbal fluency and also improving your emotional capacity.

Breathe well to express yourself better

If you breathe well you will learn to speak better. It is another way to educate your voice and maintain the proper tone and rhythm all the time. There are breathing techniques that will allow you to improve in this aspect and be able to express yourself orally in the best possible way.

Set the voice

This action is the action and effect of importing the sound of your voice by your vocal cords. Fix the voice on your vocal cords and let the sound come out purely. This way it will be easier that you can make your voice resonate through the soft palate or soft palate.

It is called import because exhalation is used to produce the sound to the maximum and with the minimum effort. You will have an excellent voice volume without straining or hurting your vocal cords. It's another great way for you to express yourself better.

Practice the pronunciation

It sounds easy, but it is not. If you want to speak well and express yourself better, it is important that you internalize the muscle movement pattern of your joint when you are speaking. Do it without mistakes. You will only be able to improve it if you practice, paying attention to the mistakes you may make.

Put our tips into practice to express yourself better

For example, you can record yourself on video or audio while you speak and then look at the mistakes you have made and redo the speech by polishing them. If you practice daily you will get into the habit of paying attention to your pronunciation and little by little you will make fewer mistakes.

Another exercise may be that you practice your speech and your expression with a trusted person who can help you to notice the mistakes you are making. You can also look at your non-verbal language, something that is also essential to improve expression since not only is what is said important ... if not also how to say it. With the technique of recording yourself on video you can also improve a lot of appearance, remember to do it daily until you master it.

The good thing about doing it in front of someone you trust is that you can practice for when the moment comes when you have to express yourself before an audience, a jury or before other people that you do not know but that it is important that they understand the message you are giving them. You can also work the shame with mental techniques that give you peace of mind: like taking a deep breath and counting to ten before you begin to speak.

Seek help from a professional

If you have tried all the advice that we have given you on a daily basis and you do not find improvement in your expression ... then it will be time to seek professional help to to help you improve and increase confidence in yourself every time you have to express yourself in front of one or more people.

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If it is a problem for you and you cannot find a way to improve or are not looking for a solution, then you should know that it could get worse in the future. Do not wait until you are really afraid to express yourself to others and start looking for solutions so that in this way, it becomes easier and easier for you to speak to other people.

Learn to express yourself better by speaking in public

Seek help from a speech therapist or psychologist who is trained in this area and type of therapies. Thus, he will be able to help you through his training and experience with other patients who have gone through a situation similar to yours.

Seek help knowing what the exact problem is That prevents you from expressing yourself correctly, since it is not the same not to know how to express yourself because you pronounce it wrong than not because you are afraid to say something that leaves you in a bad place or even because you do not know how to organize words well.

So if you have decided to seek help, then do it! It will be the best you can do to start expressing yourself correctly.

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